Hey, friend! I’m Kyra. Pronounced K-eye-rah. This is the place I wish I could tell you I’m that super cool photographer who always looks stylish,¬† never trips in public and lives in a vintage Winnebago listening¬†to the the best indie bands while traveling the world with a camera in hand. As sweet as that would be, I’m just a Kentucky girl living in a cozy college town with the best dog and dude I’ve ever known. I eat way too much Chick-fil-A, am fluent in 90’s TV trivia and never turn down a chance for really good conversation.

      You should probably also know that I’d really love to be a part of your wedding experience. I don’t just want to document you and your best friend on one of the happiest days of your life, but as your photographer, it’s my goal to capture you and your person in a way that you feel comfortable and completely yourselves. Whether it’s in your kitchen making pancakes or going for an afternoon stroll through your hometown, it’s my aim to preserves those magic details of your unique relationship.

      So if you’re up for an adventure, let’s grab a coffee and start planning your session.

      Just a little extra info about me

      If you wanna talk movies or TV for hours on end, I'm your girl.

      I'm an art geek to my very core.

      Me and the beaded guy above (Jeremy) are going on four years of doing life together and I have all the heart eyes for him.

      Albus (named for Albus Dumbledore) is my lazy, dog child with the biggest heart and biggest eyes you've ever seen.

      Coffee is actually gross, IMHO. (Sorry!) Give me sweet tea or Spencer's blackberry creme soda any day over coffee.

      GIFS are my love language.